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Eddy Tan's Last Business Presentation

News Item: Sept 12, 1999: Eddy Tan's Last Business Presentation

Our 001 distributor, Eddy Tan, will be at Pulau Tikus Service Centre on Sunday, 12 September 1999 1.55pm, to give his LAST business presentation. The Address of Pulau Tikus Centre is as follows:

4 th Floor, Pulau Tikus Plaza (above Hong Leong Bank, Pulau Tikus, the building diagonally opposite Bellisa Row/One-Stop Midlands), Burma Road 10350 Penang (Tel: 229 3760)

Eddy claims that Enrich is the best business in the world. He believes that extraordinary people are people that do extraordinary things. Please be a little bit extraordinary this coming Sunday, instead of sleeping, shopping or watching TV, please attempt to go or bring your friends to go to listen to him. Tell your prospects that 15 minutes after the presentation they can leave if they find that the business project was not attractive. Make them 3 promises if you need to, first, you are not going to sell them anything, second, you are just going to share some latest information with them, third, you are going to continue sharing with them only if they wish to. This will take away fear from them.

Eddy's last month pay check is RM250,000(PER MONTH). He is a man with serious kidney problem yet he works 7 days a week. How about us? We are healthier than him but do we work as hard as him. Once, I asked Eddy on the way sending him to the airport, "Eddy, you are a very rich man now, why you work so hard?"

He said, "I rather work very hard for a 3-year period and then enjoy the rest of 30 years of my life as compared to work hard for the rest of 30 years of my life. I am not only work hard but work smart as well. I work 1 hour but enjoy 8 hours pay. MLM is about borrowing 1% of 100 people's effort rather than 100% of your own effort."

I continued, "but I have no interest in MLM."

He said "I think interest is for children and NOT for you and me. We are talking about responsibility. We owe it to our parents, our wife/husband, our children and the most importantly to ourselves to work hard to fulfil our responsibilities and our own dream. To live is to live to its fullest."

Yes, all of us need to seriously think about it. Hopefully my story will be able to convince you to go to Eddy's presentation. Bring along your friends and ask your friends to bring along their friends. This will be his LAST business presentation in Penang. And it be held at Pulau Tikus Service Centre and not Aboo Sitee Lane Centre.

Now, I feel that MLM is the most fun and challenging thing you can do with your clothes on and profitable too!

"If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing it well."

Linda Low

Please be there a bit ealier as I can gurantee u that it will be very, very packed. Bring along your tape recorder.