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Promotion Period : September 01-30, 1999

Question on Enrich Capsules

Can vegetarians consume the products and what is the composition of the capsules that are used by Enrich? Over here in Malaysia, we have Malays who cannot consume anything which contains byproducts of pigs, Indians who cannot consume beef and of course we have vegetarians. The Chinese eat anything... A quick search on the Internet reveals that there are capsules which are gelatine free and made from pure vegetable sources called V-caps. I incerely hope Enrich uses these capsules or similar ones.

Enrich uses the most popular capsule made, which is not only reliable but also very pure in its formulation. The manufacturing standards are the best in the world. The company is called "Capsugel" and they not only manufacture for Enrich, but also for many of the world's largest pharmeceutical companies as well. Their capsules are so pure and refined, that they are even certified as "Kosher" by the strictest of Jewish Rabbis, meaning that Orthodox Jews, who are not allowed to eat anything made from parts of animals, can take Enrich capsules made from Capsugel. VegiCaps or V-Caps are a pain, not only because they are very expensive and drive the price of the product way up, they also break down in the bottle during shipping and create an herbal mess. I will be happy to fax you copies of Kosher Certifications you may need if it becomes an issue among your group.