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Frequently Asked Questions
Looking for a solution to a particular health problem? 1. Why are the products so effective or unique?
  • Enrich is the undisputed leader and the fastest growing company in the industry.
  • It's Research & Development team comprises six of the top scientists in natural nutrition with expertise from medical science, immunology and ecology to validation of formulas.
  • It sets the standards in terms of variety (more than 240 products), quality and efficacy.
  • Its focused formulation and proprietary processes have often been copied but never duplicated.
2. Are the products safe?
  • Unlike other companies, Enrich's quality controls start from the source of the raw materials right down to its packaging.
  • Toxins and pollutants are separated prior to the formulation process.
  • Besides being approved for sales in the US, our products are approved by the Malaysian Medical Authorities as well.
3. Are there any side effects?
  • Only the finest food-grade herbs carefully selected for potency get past the stringent tests.
  • 1% of the population may have allergic effects because of extra-sensitive systems.
  • Some users go through a crisis healing process like getting worse before it gets better - ie positive side effects
4. Can you guarantee results?
  • The best proof of the products' efficacy are the growing number of satisfied customers.
  • And distributors are so confident of its effectiveness that they give a 60-day money-back (no questions asked) guarantee.
  • One can also obtain research papers and testimonies of the products' effectiveness.
5. How competitively priced are the products?
  • Our customers are often surprised that the prices are so reasonable and way below the prices of our competitors.
  • Malaysians enjoy a very special pricing strategy because Enrich has designated Malaysia as the "gateway" to the Asia Pacific region.
6. How fast can we see results in terms of weight management?
  • Unlike other systems which requires you to skip meals to lose weight and you just as quickly put back the weight you thought you lost, the Enrich "Burn" system is permanent.
  • A loss of 5 to 8 lbs in 3 weeks is the average.
7. Why must I cleanse before building?
    The Enrich CBB (Cleanse, Burn, Build) system has been proven over hundreds of years and recently validated with scientific studies.
  • Cleansing will ensure that all the nutrients are absorbed by the body to minimise waste, prepare for the Burn process, whilst balancing the internal organ systems.
8. After I have finished the IES (Internal Enhancing System), what next?
  • Because of our dietary habits ande pollution, it is desirable to cleanse your body every 4 to 6 months.
  • And after the IES system, your body has been through an "over-haul" like your car. You can now select from our targetted nutritional range - which products or tools your body needs to be in tip-top condition, eg RESP if you smoke, SuperChlorophyll and Red Clover Plus if you consume alcohol and BMC Plus for optimum bone, muscle and cartilage.
9. What's the best way to consume the products?
  • The instructions are clearly stated on the packs and most people take the products at meal times (or before and after meals) eg Para is recommended 1/2 hour after meals.
10. Are the products addictive?
  • No. Can you be addicted to fruits and vegetables? Herbs or phytonutrients (nutrients from plants, fruits, vegetables) are not addictive and you cannot overdose on them.