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Unrivaled Product Quality
Enrich played a significant role in the development and growth of the nutritional supplement industry. With revolutionary products, unrivaled manufacturing capabilities, and a proven record of success, Enrich has earned a coveted reputation as an industry leader.
Ken Brailsford
Ken Brailsford,
Enrich Founder
1972: The Story Begins Here
Enrich founder, Ken Brailsford, and family members first encapsulated an herb called cayenne to help an uncle fight bleeding ulcers. Until then, Ken's uncle had been taking cayenne by spoon. Thanks to Ken’s enthusiasm and insight, he helped pioneer the encapsulating industry and is often called the "Father of Encapsulation."
1988: State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
Enrich developed and built its own manufacturing facility, Pharmatech Laboratories, Inc., complete with testing labs to ensure product quality. One of the largest and most efficient manufacturing plants in the industry, Pharmatech operates six high-speed encapsulation machines; no other plant matches its reputation for efficiency, quality, and delivery.


Early Innovation
Early Innovation
1992: Innovative Products Introduced
In the early 1990s, Enrich International exploded into the nutritional supplement industry forefront with its proprietary, high-quality products. Led by its own in-house research and development team, Enrich offered exclusive, powerful products that delivered phenomenal results. Enrich set the standard for many of the industry’s leading nutritional and personal care products.
1994: Unprecedented Growth Continues
Enrich’s reputation for safe, natural products and its ever-growing base of loyal Enrich Distributors resulted in unprecedented growth. The company has appeared several times in INC. 500, the Magazine's list of top-500, fastest-growing companies in North America.
Inc. Magazine
New Approach 1998: Revolutionary New Approach
Enrich developed an ingenious, industry-leading approach to natural supplements by organizing its formulations into easy-to- use packs and informative programs. Innovative new products, including the E International™ personal care line, the Enrich Ultimate B.A.L.A.N.C.E.D. Pack™ (U.S.), and Clearstart™ (Canada) were immediate successes.
Tomorrow and Beyond
The nutritional supplement and personal care products industry continues to grow, and Enrich is positioned as a leader to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Innovative products, exciting new markets, and expanded educational programs are only part of what will make Enrich great. With the help of its large, growing family of Distributors, Enrich will continue to be a leader in the industry.
A Bright Future

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Enrich Facts: Did You Know?

Enrich is proud of its nearly two decades of continued
growth– virtually unparalleled in the industry.

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