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Bee Pollen Capsules
A Rich Source Of Nutrients.
Dietary Supplement
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0210 100 capsules, 550 mg net wt $15.00
Bee Pollen is a rich source of many nutrients, including amino acids. It bursts with easily assimilated protein and lecithin, which nourish the brain and nervous system.

Enrich Bee Pollen is thoroughly cleaned and the moisture content is reduced. This stabilizes the shelf life because it is less susceptible to mold; therefore keeping the nutrient content high. We keep our treating procedure simple, without resorting to elaborate measures, ensuring that the nutrients in the pollen are retained.

Our pollen is run through a seed cleaner just like other agricultural products, then it is filtered through a series of screens and vacuumed.

Bee Pollen nutritionally supports the body in many ways, including assisting with vitality and a feeling of well-being. When you are having a "sluggish day", think Bee Pollen!

Serving Size:2 Capsules
Servings Per Container:50

Amount Per Serving
%Daily Value

Bee Pollen
1.1 g
‡Daily Value not established.

Recommended Use: Take 2 capsules with a large glass of water three times daily.

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