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For Healthier Bone, Hair, Teeth & Nails
Dietary Supplement
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Poor nutrition and the inability to assimilate minerals contribute to bone loss, hair loss as well as teeth and nail problems. High protein and high sugar diets, smoking, alcohol, caffeine drinks and lack of exercise also contribute to these problems as well as paving the way to other diseases.

Hair reflects one's general health. Tension, overwork, poor diet, illness, dye, drugs, hormonal imbalance, pollutants and improper hair care affects the quality and condition of hair.

Dry hair, lack lustre hair, split ends, falling hair and dandruff indicate a deficiency of nutrients and blood supply reaching the scalp and hair follicles.

Nutritional deficiencies also often result in cavities, loosened teeth becoming sensitive to heat and cold, gum recession, nail changes or abnormalities such as dryness or brittleness, horizontal and vertical ridges, darkening, fungus and splitting.

As we age, our body's own supply of minerals and other essential nutrients gradually depletes, not to mention that most of our foods are over processed or grown in mineral deficient soils.

BONE provides elasticity and firmness to connective tissue, hair and teeth.

BONE also builds stronger bones, speeds cells regeneration and nourishes the immune system to protect against infection and pollution.

Taken regularly, BONE will strengthen and nourish the structural system, add lustre and strength to hair, and strengthen nails and teeth.

The three main ingredients of BONE are Oatstraw, Horsetail and Comfrey. Oatstraw contains high amounts of bone-building materials. Horsetail helps heal fractured bones because of its rich supply of nutrients. Comfrey is known as a "wound-healer" and "bone-knitter".

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