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Utilizing Enrich Fat Blocking Technology
Dietary Supplement
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ChitoRich™ is a revolutionary and remarkable product that contains a special Chitosan complex containing chitosan, erythorbic acid, citric acid, and EnriDole 3-C™. Chitosan is a powder derived from the shells of crustaceans such as shrimp. Erythorbic acid is an antioxidant that enhances the effectiveness of the main ingredient. EnriDole 3-C™ is an exclusive cruciferous vegetable concentrate.

This formula provides a natural source of fiber and acts like other dietary fibers by benefiting the circulatory system. It also helps the body maintain normal functions of digestion and elimination. Researchers believe that if we cleanse our colon with frequent bowel movements, we can rid ourselves of these dangerous toxins, therefore reducing our risk for disease. And how do we create this cleansing process? Fiber is the most important source in reducing your chances. As you know, with our fast-paced, yet sedentary lifestyles we tend to have high-fat, low-fiber diets. We eat on the run and usually pick very poor choices of food. We don't exercise, and our stress levels are high. This increases our risk of obesity, liver problems, digestive disorders, skin problems, fatigue, and overall poor health.

The answer is to change these bad habits. Supplementing your diet with proper nutrients such as fiber will help reduce your risk for these problems. First, let's get an idea of how fiber affects the colon and why it is so important. The average person eats 12 grams of fiber a day. However, for gastrointestinal health, it is recommended that you take 25-30 grams a day. To do this, you should increase your intake of whole-grain products, vegetables, beans, peas, fruits, and take a fiber supplement. This will increase the number of bowel movements to cleanse the colon of the poisonous toxins. When we talk about toxins, we are referring to the foods you eat that do not leave the body. Due to the higher fat and cholesterol content, toxins stay in the body and begin to ferment. Just like spoiled food, they create poisons that remain in your body, leading to possible disease. Fiber works just like a scrub brush and cleans the colon of these foods.

ChitoRich also helps satisfy appetite cravings. ChitoRich is designed to be an effective addition to any weight-management program, which should include exercise, a low-fat diet, the appropriate amount of sleep, plenty of water, and proper supplementation.

  • Exclusive Enriched Chitosan Complex™ for enhanced fat locking abilitiy.*
  • Binds with dietary lipids.*
  • Contains ascorbic and erythorbic acid, antioxidants that enhance the effectiveness of Chitosan.*
  • Includes proprietary Enrich LifAloe™ Complex and Enriched Chitosan Complex™.*
  • Non-Constipating formula.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Aministration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container:60
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Vitamin C100 mg167%
Enriched Chitosan Complex™940 mg
Enrich LifAloe™ Complex64 mg
‡ Daily Value not established.
Ingredients: Enriched Chitosan Complex™ (L-Ascorbic acid and Erythorbic acid and Chitosan), Citric Acid, Enrich LifAloe™ Complex [EnriDole 3-C® (broccoli standardized extract), Aloe vera leaf], and gelatin.

Recommended Use: Take four (4) capsules with an eight ounce glass of water with meals.

Take fat-soluble supplements (i.e., fatty acids, Vitamins A, E, and D, and other dietary supplements) 2 - 4 hours before or after taking ChitoRich™.

NOTE: Individuals with shellfish allergies and pregnant or lactating women should consult a health care practitioner before taking this product.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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