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If you ever consider a future with Enrich, you simply must join our group. We call ourselves the Asterix Team*, because we all aspire to be superstars. And we'll all help one another to achieve that. For me, although I have been using Enrich products for some time, I only got excited about becoming an independent Enrich distributor after a friend introduced me to Linda Low, an Asterix Team member. I simply love the teamwork in this group, its core ethics and the atmosphere where everybody really helps one another in order that all of us can be successful together. If you'd like to join us, just click here to send us an email, and we'll get in touch shortly.

Integrity - Our word should be worth its weight in gold.
Give to Receive - The more we give, the more we receive - but, we must give first.
Failure = Success - Success comes from experience which comes from learning from your failures.
Flexibility - Doing common things, uncommonly well.
The Golden Rule - Do unto others what you would others do unto you.
Communication - Don't say it if you cannot repeat it in front of that person. Tell it to someone who can do something about it.
Excellence - Doing the right things very well.
This is it! Treat each event like that final moment of glory.