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The Internal Enhancing System (IES) Pack contains two parts:
1. Cleanse - Nature's Tea, Native Legend Tea, PARA and Red Clover Plus
2. Build - ChloroPlasma, SGGC, Native Legend Tea


The Power Burn Pack consists of:
Nature's Tea, PT, ChitoFibre Drink Mix, Rev Complete


Nature's Tea is a sweet-tasting blend of traditional Chinese and American herbs that has been formulated to play an important role in our daily digestive care. It combines the cleaning benefits of 10 well trusted herbs to aid in digestion, assimilation of nutrients and the removal of accumulated food wastes which can be toxic to the body if not cleared soon enough.
Native Legend Tea has its roots in Native American recipe. It is a blend of traditional herbs that work synergistically in supporting the body's defence system. This time-revered formulation has also shown some remarkable cleansing properties.
PARA is an all natural combination that has been reported to have cleansing properties. It enhances and helps the body to eliminate unwanted organisms and parasites.
Red Clover Plus is a blend of specially selected traditional herbs that helps nourish and enhance the liver functions. It has been known for the cleansing and purifying properties as well.
ChloroPlasma supplies a powerhouse of nutrients through its prime ingredient, spirulina. It provides one of the richest natural sources of whole food. The balance of nutrients of ChloroPlasma can help build body resistance and achieve total well being of the body.
SGGC is a combination of natural herbs and food that helps improve blood circulation, strengthen the body's stress defence mechanism, and has an energizing effect on the body. Taken regularly, SGGC promotes mental health and increases the body's ability to withstand stress.
PT exclusive herbal formula has been developed to help our body to achieve optimal metabolism. PT's ability to stimulate Thermogenesis results in the body's ability to burn fat more effectively.
ChitoFibre Drink Mix contains one of nature's most common fibres called Chitosan. Chitosan has a special fat binding property that can effectively bind fats and excess bile acids in the body, and render them too large to be absorbed. This results in the bound fats and bile acids passing right through the digestive system via excretion. ChitoFibre Drink Mix is designed to be an effective addition to the weight management program.
REV Complete is a convenient source of energy and essential nutrients to support any weight management program as a meal replacement. REV Complete comes with one of nature's most complete food source, Soya. The soy protein isolates derived from Soya provide the body with the essential amino acids to support daily repair and maintenance of health. The combination of 13 vitamin, 11 minerals together with 18 grams of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre further ensures that the body receives all the necessary nutrients and fiber for a healthy body to function effectively.

Senantiasa Kekal Sihat
Dalam kehidupan harian kita, badan kita sentiasa mengalami pelbagai perubahan yang disebabkan oleh faktor-faktor luar dan dalaman. Proses penuaan, tekanan jiwa, dan penghausan semulajai menurunkan keupayaan badan kita. Penyakit juga akan menjadikan badan kita bertambah lemah. Untuk mengekalkan kesihantan, kita memerlukan makanan seimbang, senaman, cukup tidur, dll. Enrich berpendapat bahawa supplemen herba dapat memberikan khasiat penting dan meningkatkan keupayaan badan untuk menghalang proses penuaan dan degenerasi.
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