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How good are Enrich products? Take it from all those people who have used it before, and hear what they have to say, both on Enrich either as a whole or particular ailments that Enrich has helped to cure. Many of these individuals have also consented to allowing you to contact them so that you can personally learn the truth of the matter. Just click on their names to read their testimonials.
In addition, if you're looking for a solution to a particular health problem, try clicking here. Ailments are shown in red. Products are underlined in blue, and linked to price list.

Royal Testimonial: YAM Tengku Puteri Arafiah Ibni Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Princess of Selangor
I have been taking herbs for many years. I believe that herbs do assist the body repair and heal naturally. In May last year, I was introduced to Enrich products. I was interested in the Power Burn Pack. I had read some amazing testimonials from A Little Sharing... and out of curiosity, I made an effort to attend a few seminars to gain more knowledge about the products and the background of the company. I was very impressed. Even more so when I lost some weight and started to receive compliments from friends and family. In fact, I used to suffer from body aches and water retention. Apart from the Power Burn Pack, I was also on Super Chlorophyll and WaterGone. Now and then, when I get indigestion or "angin", especially after I've taken lamb, I take 2 capsures of DIG and it gets rid of the discomfort almost immediately.

Sharing the products came naturally as some friends began to notice the difference and wanted to know what I had been taking. So, I started telling them about Enrich. Actually, I was not keen at all to join as a distributor at first as I was not interested in accumulating PV points and what-nots. In fact, I was purchasing at retail. However, I changed my mind after experiencing the benefits of the products. I should not be selfish and keep Enrich all to myself. I had indeed found something good and I just want to share it with people whom I care about. I tell my friends, if we can spend money on expensive clothes, surely we can spend a little on our health. Visits to the hospitals could turn out to be more costly eventually.

Now, I've included Enjuvenate and Hawaiian Noni as part of my supplements. By the way, I am also using the E-Line Serum and the Fade Cream. My skin feels fresh and I am pleased to say that I do not need to use make-up.

Enrich gives us the opportunity to reach out and help others. For example, a Successline's relative suffered from diabetes and had 3 toes amputated. The wound was not healing properly then, and it was watery and the stumps were filled with pus. He was distraught as he was certain the doctor would amputate further up his limb if the deterioration persists. I sought the experience of one of my Supportlines and recommended the Internal Enhancing System Pack as well as to sprinkle some Super Chlorophyll and Para onto the wound. The wound dried up within 24 hours. The gratitude I received gave me a great sense of personal satisfaction as I would never have imagined that I could have made such a difference in somebody's life.
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Datin Paridah Mohd Noor, tel 019 223 2188
I believe in supplements, been taking them since in my 20s. When I was first introduced to the Enrich products, I was sceptical. But not for long. The concept of "Cleanse Burn Build" made sense to me. I mean, it made sense to cleanse the system. I went on the Internal Enhancing System Pack and the Power Burn Pack as well as Perform. I also lost some weight (5lbs) although not much since I do not really have a weight problem. I am also on Enjuvenate. I feel energetic and great. Hard ever feel tired. People has commented and noticed the difference. I would encourage people to try the Enrich products as the products really work. I am sharing with all my friends and relatives. Those who are not ready for Enrich, I let them be. It's just a matter of time, they'll slowly come round.

My father-in-law, aged 78, underwent a cataract operation recently. His eyesight is okay except that his eyelids droop because the eye muscles are laxed. So, each time when he needs to see, he would have to lift up his eyelids. I put him on Enjuvenate. After a month, the muscles became firm and he now no longer has to lift his lids. My own father, aged 70, has a whole head of grey hair. After one month of consuming Enjuvenate, his greys have started to turn black. My mother-in-law, aged 70, has been suffering from heartburn for 30 years. When she gets it, she complaints of sharp pains in the chest. I gave her DIG one day, and believe it or not, she has not had an attack since. She keeps a bottle in the house though just in case.
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My daughter-in-law's grandmother had a major stroke last year that left her totally paralyzed on her left side. She was out of state and by the time she was airlifted back to Texas, 2 weeks had lapsed. She was completely paralyzed on the left side, could not talk.

The doctor's had given the family very little hope for much recovery. When she got back here, we made the decision to try the Enjuvenate. We put Jane on a regimen of 1 scoop of Enjuvenate every day instead of 2scoops every day. This was done because she could hardly swallow because of the paralysis. When we used the Enjuvenate we had to use a thickener called Thicket to give it more body so she could eat it (she couldn't swallow liquids).

After 24 hours, she experienced an amazing beginning of recovery. The first day she could lift her left arm and started to be able to move her left leg. Within 48 hours she could lift her left arm and leg. Withina week she was pronounced "fit enough" to be moved upstairs and begin rehabilitation.

After 30 days she went from a wheelchair to a walker. When she left the hospital by October she hardly needed the walker and her speech was much improved. She continues to improve. She went off the Enjuvenate for a while and her progress stopped. Recently she started taking the Enjuvenate again (because she got scared after a fall) and is actually starting to see even more improvement.

It has not been over a year since Jane's stroke and she is doing well. Whenever I see her she comes up and hugs me and tells me she loves me. She is such a sweet lady and is a real trooper. She now can dress herself, feed herself and often cooks in the kitchen. She and her husband are traveling again (he is retired) and recently completed two road trips in the car (one to Houston from Dallas and another to Colorado Springs for a family reunion.) I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am. Jane is a very special person and I know that her family was not ready to lose her or to commit her to a nursing home.

With God's help, Jane will enjoy some more good years and the family will be blessed to have her around longer. I know that my grandsons (her two great grandsons) really love Grandma Jane andI would hate to see them have to go through the grief of losing her now. I fully attribute Jane's remarkable recovery to the Lord and Enjuvenate and Jane's determination. We felt we had nothing to lose and everything to lose. We were blessed because it worked for Jane. If someone in your family has a stroke will you be ready to try Enjuvenate?

Acne: Chitra Cynthia Nathan, tel 012 382 5250
Due to erratic flying hours, lack of sleep and no proper nutrition, I used to suffer from bad acne, fatigue, weight fluctuations and irregular menstrual cycle. My acne was so severe that I was sometimes "grounded", meaning I was not allowed to fly but instead had to do office work. Embarrassing. When I was introduced to the Internal Enhancing System Pack, I thought I'd give the products a try. Little did I know that a simple body cleansing could change my body so dramatically. My acne has improved tremendously and my period comes right on the dot (28 days). This makes family planning easy. I am also able to enjoy food without worrying about weight gain. Before this, I had to watch what I eat and still gained weight. Frustrating. Now, my weight is "stuck" at 115 lbs, no matter how much I enjoy my food. I am also on Perform and I believe this has helped in taking away my period cramps and pains.
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Asthma: Alice Tang, tel 03 253 7723
My son, aged 6, and my daughter, aged 3, were born with "manufacturing defects". They have been asthmatic since they were babies. Their condition was very severe and they were in fact hospitalized many times. My children always had phlegm in their lungs and would wheeze after slight exertion. They have been on inhalers since babies. In fact, I have 2 nebulising machines because sometimes they both get their asthma attacks at the same time. They have been on countless courses of antibiotics but nothing helped. Not until we were recommended to Enrich products.

In January 28, I tried the ChloroPlasma and RESP on them. During the first two weeks, I noticed that they were coughing a lot and phlegm was being forced out of their mouths and noses. Their stools were phlegm-covered (sticky) as well. I subsequently reduced their inhaler puffs and eventually stopped them altogether. We have not been to the doctors since February 98. I am truly amazed with the results I'm seeing. My children are now running all over the place without me having to run after them with inhalers.
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Arthritis: Lili Chan, tel 03 552 1017
My mother-in-law, 68 years old, suffers from arthritis. A few months ago, she had a surgery where excess liquid was removed from her cartilage from her knee. Since then, she has been having a pain in her joints which was so bad, she had to take 2 steroid jabs. She was limping and practically had to drag her feet as she walks. I put her on Arth, BMC Plus and Bone. Within one week, she said that her pain had reduced. Halfway through the second bottle, she told me there was hardly any more pain. She is in fact completely well. She is now able to walk like she used to, squarts and stands up without any problem. She is excited and she is telling her story to all the neighbours. .
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Benign Intercarnal Hypertension: Jacinta Neoh, tel 012 500 5191
I am 19 years old. Last August, I was experiencing severe agonising head pains every second of the day. Upon diagnosis, I was informed that I had excess fluid in my brain. It got worse in September, and I was throwing up 30 times a day. I got myself hospitalised. My doctor gave me some steroid pills (I had to take 32 pills a day) and a drug called Diamox, which was supposed to help alleviate the pressure off the brain. I was losing my vision, as the fluid was causing pressure behind the blood vessel in the eye. The steroids made me put on 6kg (water retention) in 2 weeks. Like bee stung from head to toe. And I missed my period once I was on the steroids. I was also constipated for more than a week. I was on laxative pills which did not work for me. I really felt the steroids were having a drastic effect on my body. Even on the medication, I still had my head pains.

When my sister brought home the Internal Enhancing System Pack and WaterGone, I saw the packaging of the bottles and immediately had confidence in the quality of the products. My sister explained that I should cleanse my system thoroughly to get rid of all the steroids and medication that I have been taking. I thought, "What the heck, let's just try." 2 days into the cleansing programme, I started moving my bowels. Before long, I lost the 6kg that I had put on. My period came back. I am still on Diamox although I've stopped the steroids.
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Bursitis & Tendinitis Darryl Charles Kennedy, 04 575 0064
Having played Rugby Union Football for 35 years, I have for the last 4 years been suffering from severe and crippling bursitis and tendinitis in my left shoulder and knee. Operations on these areas failed to alleviate the problem, forcing me to stop playing rugby. Being sceptical about natural herbs and such, I was in doubt when my wife tried to convince me to try the Enrich products. However, after going through the Internal Enhancing System Pack, as well as Arth, BM & C Plus, Bone and SuperChlorophyll for 2 months, I am now free from all the problems. I am back playing and coaching rugby with total confidence. Now I am a confirmed believer in Enrich and would not hesitate to recommend the use of its products to anyone. .
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Bachache / Brittle Nails Elaine Ghee, tel 03 296 4776
I started on the Internal Enhancing System Pack a year ago. Every 3 months, I would go through the cleansing. I am also on the BM & C Plus and Bone. My nails used to be soft and brittle, but now they are "okay". A friend was mentioning about "backaches" the other day, and it struck me that my back pains are gone (I had a back problem before). I was not even aware that my backaches were no longer bothering me. .
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Cholesterol / Weight Loss Florence Jung, tel (husband): 012 288 5546
This is my husband's testimony: "I have high cholesterol (250 - 278) and have been overweight for the past 6 years. Although I exercise regularly, I was not able to bring my cholesterol or my weight down. I have been going for medical check-ups annually for the past 5 years, but found that my health problems have not improved. Early this year, I noticed that I was not in tip-top condition. I get easily tired, both physically and mentally. I just did not feel quite right. A friend recommended the Enrich products, but I was sceptical. I did not take it.

"In May, I went for another routine check-up and was shocked when my doctor informed that my cholesterol leval has shot to 334 (200 - 240 is the "suspect range"). My weight at the time was 85kg (I was 10 kg overweight). I decided to contact my friend, and subsequently went on the Internal Enhancing System Pack, PT and ChitoFibre. I must admit I also watched my diet for one whole month. I eliminated meat and ate a lot of vegetables and fruits.

"Exactly one month later (June), my test results showed a drop in my cholesterol level (220) and my weight also dropped to 75kg. I continued to take my herbs although I was not so strict in my diet then, in that I would occasionally take meat. In August, there was a further reduction in my cholesterol level (178). My weight maintained. I am very pleased with the results."
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Eczema Susan Perera, 03 734 3657
I have been suffering from atopic eczema for the last 30 years. This skin disease is rare and in fact, our local doctors do not know how to treat me. I am not able to go out in the sun as my skin would get inflamed and it would start to flake and peel. I have my own set of tools which I use to peel off my outer layer skin. I am constantly discomfort and I itch a lot. I have been on steroid creams for as long as I can remember, a different cream for different parts of my body and limbs. Recently, I was recommended to try Enrich products, particularly Red Clover Plus. To my amazement, in as little as 3 days, I could feel the difference. 3 weeks later, I was able to drive my kids during the day time without the usual problem of inflammation and scaling and peeling. I am no longer on the steroid creams. This product has indeed changed my life. Thank you, Enrich. .
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Headaches Dato' Salleh Bajuri, tel 019 317 4356
I frequently get headaches. After my golf in the morning, I would get a headache in the afternoon. I also get headaches after taking lamb, be it lamb chop or sup kambing. I have to take panadols for relief. Recently, my wife was introduced to the Enrich products, and before I knew it, I was on SuperChlorophyll and ChloroPlasma. Since then, I have noticed that I no longer get these headaches. In fact, at one time, after my usual morning golf, I had some durian, To my surprise, my headache did not appear. Another time, I played golf in the morning and had to attend a kenduri in the late afternoon, where I could not resist the delicious mutton dish. I was sure I would get a headache after that. But I didn't. I couldn't be more pleased.
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Menstruation Norila Abu Hasson, tel 03 556 4531
When I get my period, I normally get lumps or clots of blood. Since this is a "blood" thing, I thought I would try Red Clover Plus for cleansing and purifying. Last month, when I had my menses, there was no longer lumps or blood clots. I was discharging more fluid and I had a proper flow. I do not know what this means but I feel good about myself. Since then, I've been on Perform, ChloroPlasma and SGGC. I used to be very tired but now my energy level has taken me by surprise. I'm constantly on my feet and I feel very energetic.
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Mental Alertness Virgil Ang, tel 012 211 4818
When I was introduced to the Enrich products, I wasn't enthusiastic at all. Not until somebody commented that I looked "dull". Can you imagine that me, "dull", and I am only 50. Life is supposed to start at "goh chap", isn't it? I decided I want to look "fresh". So, I went through the Internal Enhancing System Pack. By the way, I have a good figure, weight at 65kg and height at 173cm. The cleansing programme reduced my fat and my waist went down from 32" to 30" within one week. I feel very energetic and am no longer sleepy in the afternoons. Previously, I had to take short afternoon naps. Now, without my naps, I can stay up till 2 am with no problems. I'm very alert. After I went through the products, I am confident and decided to handle my son's sinus problem. He is 19 years old, and has been having sinusn since he was 5. He catches flu very easily, has a lot of phlegm in his lungs and barks "hardchew" every morning. Like a doctor, I prescribed RESP. After 3 days, my son stopped barking. He's now maintaining on RESP and ChloroPlasma. Amazing. The products really work.
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Mental Alertness KL Phua, tel 012 258 8202
The ability to think on my feet and having a clear analytical mind have been instrumental in my rising up the corporate ladder. However, years of hard work and stress have taken their toll and I was getting mentally dull. I tried ginseng in powder form but it did not clear my exhausted brain. It was also not cheap - about RM300 for 2 bottles (similar to the size of Enrich bottles). Then 2 friends told me of their experience with SGGC which they had taken as part of the Internal Enhancing System Pack. I tried it, after going through the cleansing, and found that it has helped to restore my mental alertness. Since then, I have recommended it to a few friends and those who took it regularly said they were mentally more alert. It is also very affordable.
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Migraine / Sinus Kavita P., tel 03 715 6890
I have been suffering from sinus for 13 years. I've tried all kinds of products. I was also on medication and as a last resort, my doctor gave me steroid pumps. Each time I get my sinus attack, I get migraine as well. And Ponstan (painkiller) was my only comfort. I was not able to take "cooling" food including coconut and sugar cane juice. If I did, it would trigger the attack and I would start sneezing, and my eyes would water; my ears, nose and throat would itch terribly. I took regular medical leave. A friend told me about the Enrich products. I was not convinced. However, my friend was very persistent, and it was only after 4 months of coaxing that I finally gave in. I went on the Internal Enhancing System Pack for a thorough body detox and continued to build with RESP and ChloroPlasma. Within one month, I could feel the difference. I'm happy to say that the Enrich products have somehow nsolved my problems by 90%. I asked my friend to sign me up immediately. I've been attending regular meetings and product training ever since.
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Multiple Health Problems Ariffin Mohd, tel 03 795 2676
My health was in bad shape and I was overweight. I suffered from insomnia. I just cannot sleep until wee hours in the morning (3am) and I had to get up at 6.30am for my morning prayers. Then, I would go to bed again. I would miss all the morning glory. Also, my cholesterol was at such an extreme level that my doctor's exact words were, "Clinically speaking, you should be dead." Because of the cholesterol problem, I was put on a very restricted diet. No meat. I also had hypertension. In April 98, my doctor introduced a pacer to regular my heart beat as there was a blockage in my arteries. I was put on medication which helps to thin my blood.

When I heard about the Enrich concept of "Cleanse Burn Build", the philosophy appealed to me as it was natural and consistent with my religious belief. I did not hesitate to try the Internal Enhancing System Pack. After the IES Pack, I had no more sleeping problems. I now sleep very well. In September, when I went for a follow-up check up, reading is back to normal and my cholesterol level is no longer a shock. On top of that, as a bonus, I had actually lost 12 lbs after going through the pack. I am now maintaining on ChloroPlasma, Perform, SGGC and ChitoFibre (when I remember).

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PMT / PMS Lynn Phua, tel 016 330 8511
I was told that Perform help to balance the hormonal balance in women. I thought I would give it a try as Bryan, my husband, claims that I get cranky and unreasonable every now and then (it's a lie, of course). He says that I frequently get upself for no reason (as if I would do such a thing) and that I would get extra moody and extra sensitive and extra emotional (can you imagine, he said all that?) on a monthly interval. I especially resent it when he goes, "You're having your period again, aren't you?" in the middle of a serious confrontation. Anyway, I've been on the product for the last 6 months and "my friends" has come and gone without the usual month outbursts. Bryan wasn't even aware that "my friend" has paid several visits. Indeed a couple of times, he thought I had missed my period and started to get worried. Life's just great.
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Sinus / Snoring Jane Chin, tel 03 254 3899
My husband, Eddy Chin, has had sinus ever since young. Some mornings, he would wake up breathing through the mouth and complaining of a dry throat. He also has a very bad snoring problem. After going through the cleansing (Internal Enhancing System) and also RESP, both the sinus ande the snoring are no longer a problem. And even if he does snore, which is seldom, it's now very mild.
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Skin Care Koo Lee Lian, 019 222 1592
I used to have skin problem, right from my early teens to my early 30's. It was bad with big painful acne that were filled with pus and blood. Even when my skin got better, it continued to be very oily and hypersensitive, turning red at the slightest heat or exertion. I have used many commercial products out there but none have been of much use - my face continued to streak with oil. When Enrich launched the E Line late last year, I was its first sceptic. However, I convinced myself to try it late March 1998. I am using the Oily Skin Care range. I knew I have hit onto the right formula when friends started commenting on my skin. My face still shines a little now but the oil streaks are gone. Instead of the usual blotchiness and redness, people term it as "rosy". My skin also looks much clearer now.
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Stamina Francis Gomez, tel 012 200 2819
I work during the day and by night, I do the Enrich business. It was beginning to get pretty exhausted and with exhaustion came the mood swings, headaches and the inability to concentrate. As I was reading the Enrich catalogue on Perform, I noticed it is stated that "When your body doesn't perform, neither do you." Believe it or not, after taking Perform for just 3 days, I could feel the difference. It really gave me the energy and the "oomph". I no longer feel tired. I feel fresh throughout the day. "Don't leave home without this product..."
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Weight Loss Jane Chin, tel 03 254 3899
After the birth of my first child, I had put on 30 lbs. I'd never lost that weight. 5 years later, I delivered my second child, and put on a further 10 lbs, making a total of 40 lbs of excess weight. I was recommended to take Nature's Tea and PT, which I did, and in 6 weeks, I lost 10 lbs and with ease too. It has been 3 ½ months since, and todate, I've lost 20lbs. I should add here that during the 3rd month, I added WaterGone to my supplement. I know I should exercise, but I didn't, and I am delighted that I could lose my weight without any difficulty.
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