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Unrivaled Product Quality
Enrich offers some of the finest quality products in the world
unique, effective formulations
Over the years, Enrich has earned a remarkable reputation for its innovative formulations. By combining scientific and medical research with the best contemporary methods in herbal formulation and application, Enrich offers the highest- caliber products.
proprietary, cutting-edge research
Enrich’s in-house R&D department includes several Ph.D.'s who together have accumulated decades of experience in developing natural, health-related products. Led by Dr. Cal McCausland, Enrich’s Chief Scientific Officer, R&D focuses on producing the highest-quality products on the market.
exceptional raw materials & ingredients
Enrich's industry strength and outstanding reputation provides the ability to search the globe for the finest raw materials; currently the company procures materials from four continents. Enrich carefully selects its herbs, which are grown and harvested under precise conditions.
unrivaled, in-house manufacturing
A pioneer in the field of natural supplements, Enrich houses one of the top manufacturing facilities of its kind in North America. This, combined with Enrich’s unwavering commitment to excellence, allows for unmatched production and quality control.
stringent quality control
With frequent testing and strict quality control, Enrich products have no equal. Enrich is so confident in the potency and efficacy of its products, it backs each one with a satisfaction guarantee for every retail customer. This has earned Enrich its reputation for quality products.

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Enrich Facts: Did You Know?

On average, Enrich products must pass over
50 strict quality tests before they are shipped.

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