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Enrich International

You have probably heard about the natural supplements industry. Almost every day new stories and studies about the wonders of natural products appear in newspapers all over the world. After centuries of use, the power of herbal and natural products is finally becoming recognized.


Natural supplements have been used for centuries. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was among the first to acknowledge the power of nature when he stated, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." That, quite simply, is the philosophy behind natural supplements. While this fundamental statement has become a highly scientific process, it continues to guide Enrich’s overall mission.

Natural supplements industry receives recognition. In recent years, articles and research reports have heralded the growth of the natural supplements industry. Recognition from the business community, industry experts, and even pharmaceutical companies has resulted in explosive sales growth.

Supplements and traditional medicine: A recipe for success. An industry once left to a small group of herbal loyalists is now being embraced by both skeptics and traditional medicine. With the combination of traditional and complementary medicines, a new concept of health care is emerging. “Complementary Medicine,” a holistic, inclusive approach to personal nutrition and optimal health, has now become a recognized and accepted part of the medical world.

Rapid industry growth projected to continue. Experts expect continued rapid growth of the natural foods/supplement industry well into the next century. With an aging worldwide population, continued scientific proof, and increasing awareness of natural remedies, the sales of nutritional supplement products will continue to surge.

Opportunity to participate: The perfect time. Enrich International, a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of nutritional supplements, is proud to be a part of one of the greatest industries in history. While Enrich eagerly anticipates its continued impact on the natural products industry, the company is even more excited about its role in a much larger community-the world population.

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Enrich Facts: Did You Know?

The nutritional supplement industry is one of
the fastest-growing segments of the economy.

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